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“Powered by WordPress”

"Powered by WordPress" --> powered by a piece-of-crap Pig-in-a-poke full of extensions that no one knows how they will interfere with you commenting on them *and* are necessary for preventing comment spam.

The greatest threat to xkcd's stand-in Summer Glau: .

I decided that from now on I'll post every comment to a WordPress blog in the form of a Google+ post or whatever and send the maintainer of the blog a link. Drupal and especially should both be much better in this , as well as Reddit, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, and usually even Facebook.

Another obligatory xkcd:

"Shamefully powered by WordPress." ; "WordPress delande est."

Summer Glau factoid


When wishing to comment on a WordPress blog, Summer Glau finds a new zero-day WordPress SQL injection exploit, and uses it to insert the comment into the database directly, because even she cannot rely on its comment box to work.

Post to discussions@hamakor


1. WordPress - lots and lots of security holes, too basic functionality by default; requires a bootload of plugins to convert into a usable state which many bloggers won't install; and has lots of bugs - it already ate some of my comments and refused to let me post them again, and the blog owners did not know what to do about it.

I think I'll pass.

“Why are most people bringing down WordPress?” on Reddit


“If Web Development Met the DMV”


Using WordPress: Frustrated with your trips to the DMV, you finally give up and hire Toonces the Driving Cat. At first, everything works perfectly, as you only ask him to drive you to work and back home. However, when you ask him to take a different route one day, he quickly starts to become frustrated, and in a state of panic, he drives the both of you off a nearby cliff, where you both perish in a mass of twisted metal.

(Thanks to ).

Fedora Blog Reply Process

Hi all!

I tried commenting on , but:

  1. had to give clearance on my openid (Ok)

  2. Then I had to login to FAS again (which had forgotten my login and so i had to unlock firefox's password manager using the master password).

  3. Then noscript complained about a potential XSS.

  4. after that I was redirected to an obscure wordpress admin page and when I returned to the blog post my reply's text was lost.

"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark".

As much as I used to hate wordpress (see and ), commenting on these posts of other blogs was fairly straightforward: ; .

Can the process on please be streamlined?

Update: a Fedora admin of its web sites on freenode gave me a workaround of not entering my openid URL, which will make it harder for people to contact me.

He noted that he will look into fixing this issue but will likely fail. Fedora is developed by Red Hat which used to be very profitable before it was sold to IBM for 34 milliard dollars, and Fedora/RHEL are popular and tend to get the final say even over Ubuntu. They can afford to hire top talent, and being an open source project, I presume also have many enthusiastic and talented contributors who volunteer time for free, as is the case for me (although how much competent I am is not something I am qualified to evaluate; I am happy to receive criticism and try to improve though.).

If they cannot fix a WordPress issue, how can we expect a nascent blogger, who just installed WordPress, and doesn't know programming well ( and is certainly underqualified to properly read and write PHP code ) to handle it themselves? If a fire has caught the firs, what will the moss on the wall say?